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Merging and Splitting Polylines

Question asked by michelconn on Jun 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2017 by michelconn

I have two datasets one a roads dataset and another an urbanized area dataset. I am looking into adding an urban variable to all roads that fall into the urban area. One issue is that some of the lines are both out of an in an urban area. I want to split the roads at that urbanized boundary. What I've done so far is use Intersect (Analysis) to find all roads and road segments that are in the urban areas. But I don't know how to combine that subset with the original while splitting any roads at the urban boundaries. 


I looked into splitting the lines, selecting then deleting but I don't have an advance license. I looked into Erase but once again I don't have an advance license. 


I've seen that I could possible use union then delete the inner value (not sure what that means). But I can't seem to union polylines. 


Any suggestions?