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Is there an error on the Lesson 1 of the Eleven Free Lessons to help you with ArcGIS Pro ?

Question asked by progis99 on Jun 7, 2017
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If you go to "Eleven Free Lessons to Help you learn ArcGIS Pro"


On Lesson 1, go to "Symbolize layers and Edit Features"

If you go to Number 6 



I am kind of confuse as it said Press and hold C key. It seems like it does not change anything because if you are at the Edit tab and you don't want to go back to Map tab and use the tool there. So, while you are in the Edit tab, if you press and hold the C key it only show you the hand with pointer. To me I think there is something missing here is it should have say Press Shift and hold down the C Key will change to " zoom to extent hand " .


Is there an error to it , anyone ?