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What is the proper workflow for moving Apps from Dev -> Staging -> Production?

Question asked by MicahW on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2017 by shantanu9031

To Clarify: We have three stacks, Development, Staging, Production. 

EACH have their OWN separate: SQL Database, ArcGIS Server, IIS with Portal/Web Adaptor servers. (yes, I understand that's like 9 servers) 


If I take the time to create AGS Services, Webmap and then a WebApp (dev edition) on my development stack. Do I really have to Re-create all of that with my staging server, then again on Production? The WebMap and App is pointing to the Dev Portal, not staging. I get warnings and errors when I try to move from one WAB Dev Edition to another. Esri Tech support is recommending a kind of "find-and-replace approach" for the code, Which, (no surprise) broke the app. 


Can one deployment of WAB point to Two (or three) separate Portals and then I can just change the webmap between them? 


Or is the idea of a Dev stack juts represent Practice for production and you have to redo it all anyway?