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ArcSDE 10.1 Random slow performance

Question asked by AntheaTung on Jun 6, 2017
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I have users that experience very random slow performance.  One day it is great and another day is slow. Different users have different experience in the same room at the time - some fast and some slow.


System info:

sql server 2008 sp3 r2 - Virtual Machine.  issued traceflag 4199 for the sql server spatial index bug and set maxdop to -1 (has 24 cores)

Arcsde 10.1 sp1, Geometry storage type 80% of the data while 20% of the data is in SDEBinary, Electric Geometric network features

Schneider Designer 10.1

Citrix VM XenApp 6.5

Database Size:  30 GB with orthoimagery

Outstanding versions: 778

Versions with conflicts : 123


Every night there is a compress and reconcile process that kicks off. 


There are 44 - 46 users connected to the database at the same time.


We noticed we had to run a rebuild index and statistics with full scan 3 times a day to see improvements but however the random slow days this process does not work.


I have been running a manual compress every 2 -3 hours for the past 3 days.  Today it did not make a difference.


We check Citrix RDP and it makes no difference.  We monitored the database and see no issues.


Any inputs are appreciated !


Thanks in advance.