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I keep getting errors when I try to Sync my Collector map back onto our Server

Question asked by eheinrichs@rmofstanley on Jun 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2017 by dbecker88



I am running ArcGIS for Server 10.5 and Portal for ArcGIS 10.5, as well as Collector 10.4.2 on my iPad. 


I have all of my features configured for archiving and with Global IDs.


I was using the Sync feature last summer, on 10.3, but after updating to 10.5 I get errors, and it won't let me Sync my changes back on to the Server. 



Here is the error that I keep getting, which I don't understand. I am not using any versioning, so it shouldn't be dealing with replicas at all. 


I'm not sure if anything has changed, since it was working without any errors on 10.3