ArcGis Pro cannot authenticate

Discussion created by HighAltitude on Jun 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2017 by jayanta.poddar

I just purchased a personal license for ArcGIS Pro.  I was able to install and license ArcDesktop with no issues.  When I try to use ArcGIS Pro it asks me to login to the online web portal and when I do it tells me I am not authorized.  Looking at all of the documentation there should be a tab in arcgis.com portal to authorize my user but my portal is a public only portal without this tab.   This is the account I set up to be able to purchase the license in the first place.


I have contacted support and so far I have gotten a link to how to set up the software and then told to call the support line. However, a personal license does not have a support contract so i dont have calling id.  How am I supposed to get someone from ESRI to help me?  I am using my personal version to make sample to show some companies I work for why we need to get this software.


I fianlly got a reply that I had not activated my subscription for online.  I know i clicked on an activation link but they are going to resend and I will see how that works.  It seems like having the licensing split between two different areas is what causes a lot of confusion.