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any effective IT approach to update (partially replace) existing cache?

Question asked by hlzhang525 on Jun 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2017 by hlzhang525

Hello, Raster Team ESRI,


Can you advise if there is any effective IT approach or workflow to 'partially' replace the existing (large & old) cache with new and smaller cache folder?

The background is:


With ArcGIS 10.x, we do have efficient IT method to 'completely' replace the existing old cache (level by level or scale by scale) with the brand new cache folder, without stopping cache service. So, we do expect that an effective IT way does exist to efficiently help us to 'partially' update the existing large and old cache (saying, nationally, globally) with the small portions of latest cache (i.e., AOIs at certain scales), which are frequently required over time to update in operation.


For last 6 years, on our practice, the GP tools with 'Import Cache Tiles' and 'Export Cache Tiles' (with AOIs) in ArcGIS 10.x /Pro 1.x demonstrate not only very poor performance, but also 'mostly' fail to transfer cache (at certain levels or certain areas, i.e., empty). 


Not sure if it is reported before by other 'enterprise' users or can be reproducible to you team. And also wondering if those symptoms are enough to indicate that those two GP tools do not reliably/stably copy cache from the new cache folder to the old cache folder under specific AOIs in practice.






Common errors during updating the old cache folder with the new cache for certain AOIs at certain scales showed as follows. ...

Executing: ImportTileCache CacheImagery_ImageServer p1_2017_REDO 64000;32000;16000;8000 AMD_Cache2017_P1

Start Time: Sun Jun 04 13:08:51 2017

Importing tile cache using 32 parallel instances.

Importing tile cache for feature with OID: 1.

Importing cache for scale: 64000.

WARNING 001478: Failed to import cache for scale : 64000

Importing cache for scale: 32000.

Success to import cache for scale: 32000

Importing cache for scale: 16000.

WARNING 001478: Failed to import cache for scale : 16000