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Wrong/no formatting object(Word file) inserted in ArcMap 9.3.1

Question asked by coveadrian on Jun 4, 2017
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I'm using ESRI ArcView 9.3.1. and in a project in Arcmap I need to insert a Word file formatted (a table + text, bolded, centered, colored etc.). In Layout View the inserted object shows as in Microsoft Word. But when I'm exporting the map (such as Export to ...jpg, png or pdf) the result with the Word file included is bulk with no formatting. This error (not retaining the word file formatted) appeared suddenly after no change to the program (ESRI ArcView 9.3.1.) and to the computer (Microsoft Windows 10 64 bits).

**Update : I have reinstalled Esri Arcview and the problem isn't solved.****

Here is a sample with the problem: no formatted text in ArcMap

If you have any idea how to solve the problem please write to this post.