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Near Me widget + layers turning on mysteriously

Question asked by ascullyCOT on Jun 2, 2017
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We have a pretty straightforward app with the new My Government Services app - basically a web appbuilder app with the NearMe widget configured.  We actually have 2 nearly identical apps configured this way - and one of them will draw all of the layers.  The problem is that the layers are not on in the webmap, and we don't actually want or need them to draw.  

The other nearly identical application doesn't exhibit this behavior.  the only difference is that the app that is working correctly only has polygon layers, whereas the 'broken' one has a mix of point and polygon layers.


The second really odd part is that initially the point features draw when you zoom in close enough for the scale dependency to kick in, but when you click a point on the map, there is an error saying all of the point features cannot be drawn.  


I'm baffled here since we have another app that doesn't exhibit this behavior.  Curious if anyone else has seen this issue.