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Custom urls that should open in Collector (arcgis-collector://?itemID=XXXX) do not open

Question asked by jebu23 on Jun 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2017 by jebu23

I'm having a similar issue to this post, except in my attribute template popup, I'm configuring links to open other maps in Collector itself (i.e. arcgis-collector://?itemID=XXXXXXXX) and the map with this attribute template popup is opened in Collector.  In other words, I want to open a map in Collector that has layers with attribute templates that open other maps in Collector.


 If I long press on one of these links and choose the copy option then paste the link into Safari it successfully opens the new map in collector.  I have seen in other posts that Collector now opens all urls in an external browser (Safari) but this does not seem to be true - 10.4.2 still opens them in a Collector browser window.  I suspect if it opened them in an external browser, the custom url scheme would work.


Also, if I open the same map in Explorer for ArcGIS and click one of these links, Collector opens the requested web map.