Create Point Features at XY Location Version 2.4 - 05/31/17

Discussion created by myerington50 on Jun 1, 2017
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This widget is for creating point features at a known XY location.  It is extending the smart editor widget so you can select a feature template and enter the XY location of the point.  Once you click add location it will create the point at that known location.


I have a projection in my updates as some of our submittals are in decimal degrees WGS 84 and some are in State Plane.  All of our maps are in Iowa State Plane South so I need to reproject using the WGS 84 output Spatial Reference and use the correct Transformation.  If you are going to stay in the basemaps current coordinate system there is no need for a reprojection.  If you do need to reproject you will have to update the url to your geometry service and also update all of the WKIDs on line 223,228, and 229 in widget.js.







The widget layout looks like the following:

Setting up the Widget

To install the widget for all web app builder applications you can add the widget to \client\stemapp\widgets folder.  It will overwrite the default smart editor widget.  If you just want it in an application add it into \server\apps\app#\widgets folder.