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Thorsten Reitz

Question asked by mihai_atofanei on Jun 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2017 by CLau-esristaff

Dear Mr Reitz,


   My name is Mihai Atofanei, and I am using one of the rules that you wrote in 2013 3DCIM_Parcel_ZoningEnvelope, for which I am greatfull because it helped me a lot in a project that I am working in at the moment.


   In the same time I am experiencing some difficulties for some reason the parcel layer that I created via Data Interop workflows from the 3D_Cim_Master_Template, where 7-10 parcels once I apply the rule a model is created but it is not an envelope, I have attached a print screen.


   I made a few changes in the rule especially in the "Buildable-->" part in "case geometry>0" thinking that this may condition which of the shapes goes "through" to the process, but it changed for a few of the parcels but not for all of them.

   I have attached a print screen form CE and a notepad with the changed rule.


  Some help in solving this part would be highly appreciated. For any additional info for this issue I am happy to send more info.


Thank you in advance!


Mihai Atofanei