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Update entire bundle with "Manage Tile Cache" tool with AOI different from a bundle polygon

Question asked by mik1971 on May 31, 2017
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We need to update a tiles cache for existing map service with some new rasters.


The workflow per one raster is:

- Add a raster to a mosaic dataset

- Run the "Manage Tile Cache" tool with "area_of_interest" of the footprint of new raster.

- Robocopy bundles from the caclulating machine folder to the working cache folder.



We noticed that using AOI polygon we do not have entire bundle recalculated, but only part.

On the image attached - two bundles are not updated entirely, but only the tiles INSIDE of an AOI polygon (Cache Worx Tile Synopsis and CacheWorx Bundle Size)


The question is how to recalculate an entire bundle (bundles) meaning a final bundle will contain tiles covering all area of the bundle?


Please help.