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Having trouble with attachments from a related table in Collector

Question asked by sennaa94 on May 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2017 by sennaa94

Okay, so I have set up a 3 level deep relates between a poles feature class, a signs table, and an attachment from the signs table.  I have the relationship using GlobalID>PoleID(GUID) from Poles to Signs table, but then I also have created an attachments relationship from the Signs table to the Signs__ATTACH table.  I noticed when publishing the feature service of my map to our ArcGIS Server, there are two services (Feature & Map), yet the Signs__ATTACHID only shows up under the Map service and not the Feature service.  Next, I added item for the feature service to our AGOL site in order to create the webmap for field collection using Collector.  The WebMap is all set up and shows only the Poles features and Signs table.  When I went out into the field to collect poles and associated signs, even though the attachment paper clip icon showed up on my signs table window, I took a picture, but was unable to save it to the associated sign.  My question is, what am I doing wrong, and could it possibly be that attachments cannot be related to a table within Collector?  Of course, Esri provides no documentation on any of these types of issues, so I have to turn here for answers.  Please help if able.