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Firewall ports for Survey123

Question asked by daniel_mcilroy on May 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2017 by daniel_mcilroy

Hi all,


Just wondering if anybody could provide some advice on the ports for Survey123, I think we may have to punch a hole in our staff WiFi firewall to upload surveys.


We have an issue where we are unable to upload completed surveys using our staff WiFi network. We are able to download the survey, and also able to login via our Single Sign On for ArcGIS Online.


We have been trying to troubleshoot it on our end, thinking that it may be a proxy issue. The fact that it is communicating in one direction without any issue is confusing the issue.


I have been getting around this issue by just the data on my mobile phone to do the development work on our forms, but going forward this isn't really a solution.


Thanks in advance,