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Spatial join broken

Question asked by Wiesel1988 on May 31, 2017
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Dear all,


I open another thread, as the topic of previous one was about fishnet, which has now become obsolete - thanks again for the help.


Background: I displayed xy-data of of data on sedimentary thickness for the world. I used Grid Index Features to turn the point data into a grid. However, the grid cells do not contain the value of sedimentary thickness anymore. So I want to merge the original point data - which has the info I need - with the newly created grid cells. For some reason ArcGIS refuses to spatially merge the grid with the points. However, it CAN merge the point data with the grid cell. That is until recently. For some reason now it creates just one observation. I do not know why. I have not changed anything. There was an update for ArcGIS, since then ArcGIS behaves strangely; maybe the update broke spatial join.


I am using ArcGIS Pro. As I created the grid data from the point data the coordinates systems should be the same.


If you like you can have a look, I attach the data below.


I hope you can help me once more.