New Explorer iOS Beta Release Available

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Explorer for ArcGIS (iOS) Beta Update


We recently updated the Explorer for ArcGIS beta on the iOS platform and you should have received the update within Test Flight. This update includes new functionality and important fixes as well!


Functionality improvements can be found in 5 key areas:


1. User Experience

This beta update includes an improved experience for the iPad. Until this update, when you tapped on the map or searched for a feature, a sliding panel would appear from the bottom. In this update, the panel was re-designed and is now fixed to the side of the screen. We now support split screen view as well.




2. Map Viewing Gets Better

This release of Explorer is built on top of the latest development efforts of the Runtime and this update has more new features. Along with the smart map renderers that you can create today, labeling is key to understanding the visual quality of maps. With this update Explorer now supports not only labeling but labeling with Arcade expressions.


3. Finding Your Features

With Explorer supporting offline map use and markup in the field, location is critical. In addition to driving directions, we now support the ability to find features or a location on your maps with Compass mode


4. Popup Improvements

We have made a lot of improvements to popups. First, we now support related tables within the popup itself. This works both online and off and we are excited to bring it forward. Explorer now supports media attachments within the popup and we have added support for Power BI integration directly within Explorer.


5. Stability and Bug Fixing

Each beta not only grows in functionality but matures in quality as well. We have fixed a number of defects and improved the overall stability of the betas. We are not perfect though so please make sure to report anything you find.


Thank you for your continued support of Explorer and our beta program.


-Explorer Team