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eSearch - Default Activated Graphic Tool

Question asked by Bayswater53 on May 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2017 by Bayswater53

Hi Robert,


Just upgrading eSearch to v2.4.0.2 from 2.1 and noticed you have included a ''Default Activated Graphic Tool'' option. In previous versions I am using the, this.drawBox.activate('POINT'); function in the widget.js located under the  onOpen: function to re enable the BY SHAPE - Point option when moving between tabs eg Esearch, Printing, etc in the tab theme and it works very well.


I think this new configuration option ''Default Activated Graphic Tool'' when set is not working correctly with the BY VALUE tab within eSearch. Basically I think the BY VALUE tab does not get recognized the BY SHAPE functions (point, line, polygon, etc) anymore within its own environment eg toggling between the two.


Example of behavior - On eSearch startup at

  1. BY VALUE, default display tab - textual searching and Map clicking OK. Results returned.
  2. Move to BY SHAPE display tab - Map clicking OK. Results returned (Point option default)
  3. Move back to BY VALUE display tab - click on Map no information returned. Can only conduct textual searching to return information now.

Why can't we conduct Map click searching when returning back to the BY VALUE display? Previous versions allowed this and it worked really well.

Is this now an accepted behavior at If so can you please change it back or have I configured eSearch incorrectly at the new version.