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How do I create a two-way replica using one Oracle instance with a user geodatabase and the master SDE geodatabase?

Question asked by brandi_kirchhoff@fws.gov_fws on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2017 by brandi_kirchhoff@fws.gov_fws

I am trying to create a two-way replication using multiple geodatabases within one Oracle instance.  The purpose is to create child feature class tables containing singular state data so end-users from different states modify ONLY the data from their state in a feature service and then sync the data back to the parent feature class which contains all of the data from multiple states.  The parent table will also be communicating with an application table where it will be retrieving/pushing data (hence the reason for two-way replication).  I have created the parent feature class in one schema (under the master SDE geodatabase) and I tried to create a child feature class in a second schema that had its own user geodatabase but I am getting an error that the GUID already exists in the master geodatabase so a replica can not be created.  If I try to import a table or create a new table within the user-schema geodatabase, I get the error that the user-schema owner cannot create/load data in master (SDE) instance.  I feel that I am missing a step somewhere or trying to take my data the wrong direction.  Can anybody give me pointers on how to make this work?  Thank you.


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