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From Point to Gird, fishnet does not work  

Question asked by Wiesel1988 on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2017 by emolley

Dear all,


I am done; I have spent half the day trying to figure out how how to get my point data to grid data. The data I use give information on sedimentary thickness for the entire world. However, the dataset is in point form. To merge it with other data (point data) I want to turn it into a grid.


I tried Fishnet but stating the number of rows and columns does not work, because the cells take such forms that the original points do not lie in the middle any longer. Stating the size of the cells also does not work, because Fishnet wants it in meters, but the original data gives the information in decimal degrees.


I also tried Grid Index Features. That seemed to work nicely, as I can state the size in dec. degrees. However, the original points are now at the corners of the cells and not in the middle where they belong.


I have attached the file with the data.


Please help me with this problem. It can't be that difficult but it is driving me to despair.


Thanks a lot, folks.