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Online Routing Service With Blocked Road Evaluators

Question asked by mattg629gkmteg109 on May 30, 2017



I have been on a long journey trying to publish a Geoprocessing model that will use evaluators online in a hurricane evacuation app that I have created.  We want to make sure that the router will accurately process directions on passable roads in the event of a hurricane or significant weather event and avoid road closures-which are common in these events.  This seemed simple enough at the time....


Created a network dataset of roads with evaluators in ArcGIS Desktop no problem.  Created a model in 10.3 from "Find Routes" that works great in ArcGIS Desktop, no problem.  Tried to publish the model-PROBLEM.  Our organization does not want it to perform geoprocessing functions on our ArcGIS Server for obvious reasons(performance, cost, etc).  We want it to perform on AGOL and have been told that you cannot do that by an analyst.  Is anyone aware of an online router that will recognize evaluators or has the ability to restrict access to certain roads in a network dataset?    Information on this subject seems to be very limited and oddly nonexistent.  What am I missing?