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Publishing a Tile layer from a TPK to AGOL does not preserve layers subdivision in the legend

Question asked by valraa on May 29, 2017
Latest reply on May 29, 2017 by valraa

I am having this problem: since generating the tile cache directly on AGOL consumes credits, I do it on my machine through the combination of "Manage Tile Cache" and "Export Tile Cache" tools. My mxd has two layers. The "Export Tile Cache" produces a Tile Package (TPK) file which I can upload to my AGOL and then publish it from the element details to have my hosted tile layer in my contents.

I have another element in my contents which is the same service published as a hosted Featrue Service.

All I want to do now is displaying my Tile layer in a Web Map and linking it to the Feature Service of the same name in order to query it. Unfortunately, I see only one layer in the legend of my tile layer, but it should have two. This way I can only link it to either one or another feature layer within my feature service one at a time, but I need to link both my tile layers to both the feature layers.

This is not occurring when publishing directly using the Share As and selecting both Tile and Feature Access capabilities, but this consumes a lot of credits for my scale levels, and I have to avoid it. Any suggestion wuold be greatly appreciated, thanks.