AGSMapViewDidEndZoomingNotification and AGSMapViewDidEndPanningNotification notifications replacement.

Discussion created by nyekimov on May 26, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2017 by rolson-esristaff
AGSMapViewDidEndZoomingNotification and AGSMapViewDidEndPanningNotification notifications have been removed. To be informed when a user pans or zooms the maps, you can register a block with the viewpointChangedHandler.

Is there any better way to track these removed notifications? Because for the viewpointChangedHandler the comment says:

Do not perform any heavy-lifting in this handler as it may adversely impact the rendering performance.

So I see that the AGSMapViewDidEndZoomingNotification can be achieved probably by KVO observing of AGSMapView's mapScale property. What's about AGSMapViewDidEndPanningNotification? viewpointChangedHandler notifies me every time but for me the final notification is enough and I don't see any easy way to learn when the viewpointChangedHandler fires the final notification.