union: newly added polygons through union appear in attribute table but not in dataview

Discussion created by dagmargermonprez on May 28, 2017
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Hello GeoNet Community,


I work in ESRI desktop 10.4.1 and I have a problem with newly added polygons (throug a union) that do not appear in data view, although they are visible in the attribute table. I think there will be a very simple explanation but up till now I did not find the solution. The layer in question is checked


Context: Some months ago, I created a shapefile (A) containing all administrative locationborders of Belgium, the Netherlands and some parts of France by means of a union of several smaller shapefiles of these countries.

To be able to make one-way joins, I added a new field in the attribute table of (A) where all unique location names appear. Everything went well and I was able to show relative values ('expenses') through properties > symbology > graduated symbols.

As some extra regions in France needed to be added, I made another another union yesterday between (A) and three region shapefiles. I do not kwow if this is relevant information or not but the moment I made the union, (A) was shown with relative values ('expenses') through properties > symbology > graduated symbol.



When I now undo the showing of the relative values through properties > symbology > graduated symbols and put it on 'none', I end up with a blank map where no polygons at all are shown (not the ones of (A), nor the newly added ones). When I change the 'none' to 'expenses' again, it show all polygons of (A).