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Create Scene splk file takes forever

Question asked by simontransit2 on May 25, 2017

I have a multipatch layer imported from collada mesh in a file geodatabase. The database is about 2.2GB

When using the Create Scene layer command to create a slpk file, I let it run 16 hours and it still not finished.

The CPU is about 40-50% all the time and the drive space increase about 100mb after every few hours. I guess thats the cache.


If I subset some part of it, the slpk file gets generated. I worried as utimately the db will be 50 times over due to increase coverage. If anyone work to produce a few gigs size of a single slpk file, hope you can share your experiences.


My hardware is a i5 with 16gb Ram and GTX960. Arcgis Pro 1.4