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ESRI not able to reverse geocode on a latlon which is obtained from another call of ESRI

Question asked by roshni.mridha on May 25, 2017

First I made use of the following API to get the latlon for BHUTAN:… 

The x and y value that I have got it:

{    "address": "Kingdom of Bhutan",    "location": {     "x": 90.499999161000517,     "y": 27.499999510000464    },

Now I reverse gecode the same latlon
"x": 90.499999161000517,     "y": 27.499999510000464
Following is the API,… 
There is error in the response:
{  "error": {   "code": 400,   "message": "Cannot perform query. Invalid query parameters.",   "details": [    "Unable to find address for the specified location."   ]  } }