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Publish Address Locator as geocode service to AGO

Question asked by djourney_MurphyTX on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on May 25, 2017 by djourney_MurphyTX

First off, I do not have ArcGIS for Server.  I've created an address locator that I would like to use as a geocoding service in ArcGIS Online.  When I try to publish it as a geocoding service in ArcCatalog I cannot get it to accept my AGO server URL.  I also tried my rest service url.  


Is it not accepting my arcgis online server url because it is not possible to publish a address locator as a gecoding service? I'm pretty sure that I am entering the correct url address, but if not, what is the best way to confirm the gisserver, domain and port number for an organization AGO account?  


In the meantime I have our webmaps using our address points feature service layer in the Search Widget as a source.