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Is it possible to use widgets with different versions of dgrid?

Question asked by joseph.joyce on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on May 25, 2017 by joseph.joyce

I have several widgets that were using dgrid1 with dstore but the Attribute Table widget uses dgrid and dojo/store. It seems there can be a conflict with the two versions. When I open the Attribute Table widget, the grid data in my other open widgets using dgrid1 gets cleared. The rows just get deleted. And sometimes I'll see errors related to Store mixin in the console. It seems when the dgrid script for the attribute table is loaded it overrides the script functions and names for dgrid1 globally. But maybe I'm just doing something wrong. Is it possible to have both versions of dgrid referenced by separate widgets in the same app or do I have to downgrade my widgets to use dgrid and dojo/store in order to use Attribute Table? If not, is there a plan to migrate the Attribute Table widget to dgrid1 in the near future?