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One or more layers failed to draw

Question asked by SPMJ75 on May 24, 2017

I have a gdb that seems to be corrupted. This gdb contains roughly 400 well sites. Each site has several features which contain (Attached) pictures from the field. About 50 sites left to go and I get this (See Attached) drawing error on a specific layer (Well_Sites). This is the ONLY feature that I have to create per each site. Now when I try to create features and place the symbol, the symbol disappears and doesn't reappear, getting this error in the process.


We have tried copying the gdb to another computer and get the same thing (with a new mxd). We have also tried to re-establish the relationship and still nothing. I am at a loss at this point and really could use some help on the matter.


ArcGIS ver. 10.2.1 Desktop