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Printer widget to Print only shown in the legende Widget

Question asked by Mehretab on May 24, 2017

I am developing a web map application in ArcGIS Web Appbuilder and I have Tile services (layers) with several sublayers. I defined one sublayer to be vissible on the legend and all others to be hiden from the legend for all the services in Portal map viewer. This property seems to persist in my Web appbuilder which was what I wanted to be, but when ever I printed a map the print widget includes all the legends of the layers (hiden) in my print out.

I created a custom pritner with my custom templates created in ArcGIS desktop. whenever I restricted the size of the legend in my map templates in the legend property it seems to print  the legend of the first layer in Web appbuilder. If the space for the legend is too small nothing is printed in the contary if the space is too big it prints many more layers legend.

I played with the layout templates's legend property in ArcGIS Desktop (Fitting strategy, Wrap labels and so on) but I could only come up with only the upper layer to be printed not necessarly the legend I activated. I also tried to alter the script in the print.js but with no success. am I missing something? Is it posssible  to print the legend that is shown in the leged widget only (which is the activated leged)?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks a lot.