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Contours from DEM and labels

Question asked by WhiteBird on May 23, 2017
Latest reply on May 26, 2017 by WhiteBird

I"m learning Arcgis.   I have a DEM that I did contours from in Analyst.   It gave me the contours, set at 1.  Where do I set that it means 1 FOOT intervals?   Also, it's showing them in sea level altitude (179-200).   I need them to say 1,2,3,..etc.

I added a field,  LocalHt, and trying to do a field calc on it.     [localht]=[contour]-179   but it doesn't work.  all values show zero.


I tried Pyton script, but don't get the syntax right in it either.


My goal is to label contours at 1' intervals, and have them shown throughout the area (about 3 acres).