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Is there timer-like functionality in Survey123?

Question asked by tom.rippetoe on May 22, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2018 by JTedrick-esristaff

I am working on survey where users count the number of bike/peds encountered over a two hour period. The two hour period is broken into 8 15-minute segments or sections.  The survey is broken-down into pages where each new page has the same set of "questions" but starting at 0 for all the counts. At the start of each new 15-minute segment we are asking users to move to the next 'page' in the survey. Is there a way to have the survey either pop-up a reminder to go to the next page every 15 mins or to have the survey automatically go to the next page?


And while i have your attention, I'd like to hear additional ideas on how we could craft the survey.  I originally proposed\prototyped a 'repeat' for each 15-minute segment, but the client didn't like that idea. So we have moved on to multi-page version where each 15 minute segment is it's own page (basically a 'wide' data structure with columns like 'count1', count2, and so on rather than a related table structure).


Thank you.