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As an AGO Admin, create a view (query) all web maps in an Org that use a particular AGO resource (hosted content and/or other content shared to the Org)?

Question asked by Ryan.Nosek_DuPage on May 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by Ryan.Nosek_DuPage

Our program uses ArcGIS Online Hosted Feature Layers as well as ArcGIS Server Map Services shared to our org's ArcGIS Online, and I suspect a lot org's out there have a similar hybrid environment. We would like to be able to "inventory" our AGO site's content to see what AGO content is shared to what webmaps, regardless of who owns it (as in, return all users webmap's based on the selected AGO resource). This share information is already in AGO's content management system somewhere, in some form, but we would like a "view" of these "sharing" relationships, via some GUI in AGO, or perhaps an ArcRest script could create this result, a third party app, etc. Whatever does the trick!


Currently, AGO and other third-party tools I've come across only allow a "view" of content based on Owner. Our need, however, is based on any given AGO Resource, not owner, as different owners can use a shared resource to store in their web map. In other (gis) words... we would like a view of this one-to-many relationship not based on "Owner has many AGO Resources", but rather "AGO Resource has many web maps". 


Here is one scenario:

A resource is shared to an org (e.g. either as a Hosted Feature Layer or ArcGIS Map Service shared to AGO), and numerous owners then use this resource in various web maps (and via web maps.. in various apps). The time has come to change/delete/modify this resource such that it may "break" the URL of the resource, thus creating errors/missing content issues in any apps and web maps that use this resource. Prior to this change, AGO Admin's would use a "query" or "view" to see all of the web maps that would be affected when modifying this resource, so that these resources could be properly updated/managed in advance of the change.


Additionally, being able to create a view like this would help larger Org's "clean" up their content, remove duplicate information shared to the org, and overall create a more coherent and manageable AGO experience for admin and end-users.  This type of tool would also be tremendously helpful for any org's that might be migrating services/environments, etc. 


Does anyone else have this need or have experienced a similar scenario where this functionality might help? Did I overlook at tool out there that already does this? Look forward to any brainstorming, guidance or feedback anyone might be able to provide


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