How to mask Esri DTM under imported DTM?

Discussion created by clercj on May 18, 2017



I'd like to import a self-made DTM of a from a photogrammetric flight above a gravel pit. I can do it over the function "import 3D files". The problem is, that the homemade DTM from the flight is not exactly the same as the DTM of Esri, and both interlace.

Is there any ways to mask the Esri DTM in order to show only the imported DTM over its surface? I cannot find any solution until now.


Furthermore, the function "Import 3D Files" does not import the texture, although the multipatches are imported into the geodatabase of the project. I'm trying to import a .WRL-file. But with other extensions, the problem is the same.


I thank you in advance for your answers!