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Story Map Shortlist iOS issue

Question asked by HelenMapit on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on May 18, 2017 by HelenMapit

I've been testing out the Shortlist Storymap beta app. The app is great, and the template perfect for what I'm trying to achieve.  


However, when viewing the app with an iOS device, if you click on an individual entry on the map, and then scroll the lower half of the screen down to the bottom (to see the event details) it just skips to the next entry. This doesn't happen with Android devices, but all of the iOS devices I have tried exhibit the issue.  Many of the entries on the map I'm working on have a hyperlink at the bottom, and this makes it very difficult  (almost impossible?!) to access them on an iPhone.


The map that I've been working on is here: 


Thanks all for any help you can provide.