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Configure Rounded Header for Basic Viewer Template

Question asked by hsuna on May 18, 2017

I created an App in ArcGIS online in the past using the Basic Viewer Template which had a rounded rectangle for the header. When I download the template to host on our own server, the header is a rectangle with corners. Using Developer tools I see that the rounded has a class "bg rounded shadow" and the rectangle has a class "bg shadow". I'm not experienced in html/CSS but have been able to change some styles by modifying the index.html or config files with information from inspecting elements this way.


In the Index. html on our server, I found the div for panelTop and tried to change the class from "bg shadow" to "bg rounded shadow" to see if there would be any effect, and nothing changed. 


While trying to figure things out, I recreated the App in ArcGIS online and now I can't find the rounded corner header style in the layout options. Here are examples.


Rounded Header Template AGOL


Rectangular Header Template AGOL


Rectangular Header, hosted by us


Can I configure the template I downloaded to use this style? Or is this actually a different template?