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Shortlist images only thumbs showing

Question asked by on May 18, 2017
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Hi, I have been building a web map app using Story Map Shortlist beta, showing improvement projects (e.g., water main replacement, handicap ramp installs) for the city I live in.  I was having great success, dragging and dropping images (of a wide variety of pixel shapes and sizes) from my Windows desktop into the panel(?) under a project tab.  Both the full size and thumbnail images looked great.  However, when I switched to another project's images, most of which are 480w x 360t, only the thumbnail would appear, while a broken image icon would be present in the individual panel.  Many of my other images, which were successfully loaded, are of the similar pixel size.  I had copied these photos from a network folder, and I noticed a security block in each image's properties.  So I checked the Unblock box to remove the block on each image.  Tried to drag and drop, same result.


The convenience of the 'drag and drop' far outweighs the use of URLs and storing the images on an accessible server.  I am hoping there is a setting I need to change or some similar simple answer.  Many thanks in advance. Jay