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Local data access vs remote (server) data

Question asked by davisam1 on May 17, 2017

Does anyone have processing speed issues when using data that are stored on a server, i.e. remotely?

I do lots of focal statistics on large rasters (broad area with small spatial resolutions), and if the data are on my local machine, the tool runs reasonably fast. As soon as I put the data on the server, things crawl along. 

Is ArcGIS accessing data stored remotely differently?

Should we be using a PostGRE database or something like that?


Are there tricks to speed things up? 


The IT people assure me it's not a bandwidth issue...


I'm using ArcGIS10.3.1 (although I had the problem when we are at 10.2 too).

The server is (as I understand it and I'm not a computer tech person - far from it), a bunch of hard drives, with a linux operating system, that are seen by ArcGIS has one hard drive (if that makes any sense).