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Removing internal boundaries for 10697 buffered points

Question asked by data.officer on May 17, 2017
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I have buffered 10697 species records by 30km and want to remove all internal boundaries, i.e. turn 10697 polygons into a single one. I thought the Dissolve tool would be my best bet but, perhaps not surprising, the tool is taking unfeasibly long to run. It's been at 8% for more than an hour now, and my hopes of it running successfully are diminishing with each minute. 


Are there any other tools that would remove internal boundaries and return a single polygon that may run faster than Dissolve? Would Eliminate effectively do the same thing? I'm not interested in maintaining any of the attribute values, I'm just interested in the dimensions of the shapefile itself. 


Alternatively, perhaps I should reduce the number of points before adding the buffer in the first place. If I ran the 'Create Random Points' tool, used 30km as the Minimum Allowed Distance and then added a 30km buffer to all remaining points, would I end up with the same total area covered by the resulting polygons? 


I attach screenshots of the 30km buffers and the underlying 10697 points. I am using ArcGIS Pro 1.4 with Spatial Analyst extension.