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Can the stretch renderer use only pre-defined color ramps for display of elevation data?

Question asked by Cammarere0 on May 17, 2017
Latest reply on May 23, 2017 by mnielsen-esristaff

I'm trying to display continuous-valued (floating point) rasters in ArcGIS Runtime v100.0 (for example, with values on the range [-2.5, 6.3] or [0.2, 0.44]. In the API Reference for the Stretch Renderer, the fourth parameter of the constructor is a ColorRamp object.


public StretchRenderer(StretchParameters stretchParameters, IEnumerable<double> gammas, bool estimateStatistics,
ColorRamp colorRamp)


This object seems to have only a Create method - which creates a color ramp of a predefined type and size.


public static ColorRamp Create(PresetColorRampType type, uint size = 256)


The PresetColorRampType enumeration has only the following types: -1 (not defined), 0 (elevation), 1 (DEM for screen display) and 2 (DEM, light-colored). Can I create a custom ColorRamp that I can use to display my floating point raster data? Any insights will be greatly appreciated!