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Optimal ArcGIS Server Configuration for handling 1000 high Isolation Services

Question asked by Dharmarajan on May 15, 2017
I have published nearly 1000 services as Map service in ArcGIS Server 10.3.1. Each layer I have published as a individual service for having display on/off. I am adding these services as TiledMapService in our WebMap application using ArcGIS Javascript API 3.14. I have created the tile cache for the scale level 12 to 21 which only will be used in our WebMap application.
Now my problem is: When I am adding more than 40 tile layers in map, the server CPU utilization is reached 100% and I am getting the timeout exceeded error for some services. But some services are added in map and after sometimes CPU utilization becomes normal when zooming and panning the layers on map. Because added services are served by the server from tile cache. Also when querying the features from many layers, the CPU utilization is keep on increasing and finally not responding.
I am very new to ArcGIS Server, publishing and optimizing the services by referring some ESRI documents. Also I am not sure whether publishing 1000 service in ArcGIS server with below configuration is right way. Hence please help me to get rid of this issue by providing your valuable solutions. Thanks to all.
My Geodatabase is:
   - Version 10.3.1   
   - Residing at Oracle 11g 64 bit Linux OS.
   - 36 Datasets and 1000 Featureclasses
My Server Configuration is: 
   - Server running as a virtual machine
   - 64 GB of RAM

   - Processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2690 2.9 GHz

   - Core: 4
   - Hard Disk C Drive 35 GB Free space
   - Arcgisserver directory residing at G Drive which has 3 GB of Free space out of 15 GB
My Service properties are:
   - High isolation service
   - Instance per process is 1
   - Pooling - Min number of instance as 0 and Max number of instance as 1 per machine
   - Layer: Tile map layer
   - Cache built status: Completed for all layers.

   - Application server max heap size is 1GB

   - SOC max heap size is 1GB


Kindly suggest me..