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Web Adaptor 404 error using a forwarded IP

Question asked by chines28 on May 15, 2017

I've seen a few other posts regarding web adaptor 404 issues, but I have a feeling that our setup may be somewhat unique.


I'm running AGS 10.4.1 on our network, have a reverse proxy server setup and it is properly forwarding all other requests as expected (  This r-proxy was setup initially without a domain name by my IT folks.  As of today however, the above domain is now operational.  The catch to this is we don't host, it's hosted by a vendor, but we had routed to our r-proxy server.  Now I'm unable to install the web adaptor.  It goes through the install, but throws a 404 when going to the config page.  I've attempted to replace localhost/arcgis/webadaptor with the server name, server ip's, and the domain name being forwarded to it with no luck.


Hoping someone else has a similar setup and has solved this.