Mapservice sourced from cached tiles are not reported in REST Statistics

Discussion created by micsbjc on May 15, 2017

We are using ArcGIS Enterprise 10.2.1
I have a need to determine appropriate MAX_INSTANCE values for our fleet (100+) of Mapservices.
My method was
• Set MAX_INSTANCE to 1 for all MapServices
• regularly extract the statistics provided via the REST service


• I then used the total busy time to calculate 10 minute utilization of individual Mapsservices
• MapServices with a utilization of greater than 30% were then given a higher Max_Instance value until the utilization figure dropped below 30%.

This process worked well until we introduced MapServices that sourced their data from pre-cached tiles.
For some unknown reason these Mapservices are not accurately reported in the REST statistics (I think their startup is recorded as an invocation, but after that nothing).
The ArcGIS log does not have CODE= 100004 records for these MapServices either
My questions are
• Is this lack of statistics by design (perhaps performance considerations?)
• My understanding is that the MapService instance is still required to extract the required data for the tile. Is this correct?
• If the previous statement is correct then how do I determine an appropriate MAXINSTANCE value?

I am experimenting with analysis of the IIS records to determine utilisation, but I would have preferred to get the data directly from the REST Statistics