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Geopoint ends up at 0,0?

Question asked by Brian.Webb2_arcadis on May 13, 2017
Latest reply on May 14, 2017 by Brian.Webb2_arcadis


I made a custom URL in the pop up of my feature service in Collector to then open a survey in Survey 123. In the hyperlink, I have specific text that I want pulled over into the form and auto populate from my feature service in collector.  This all works fine. However, when I use the &center code to help place a location in the feature service that my form created, not all my points populate correctly. Some of the lat/lon populate into my feature service for the form fine, but some populate at 0,0. I have taken the following steps to hope to remedy this:

1.  Create a brand new feature class in WGS84, calculate lat/lon and publish to AGO. 

2.  Once published, add the feature to a new map in AGO and customize the hyperlink to pull over my text from collector to Survey123 and &center the lat/lon so my feature service that was created by my form pops up in my collector map (I use this to help field staff visualize which assests they have visited already)

3.  When clicking the custom hyperlink in Collector, not all of my assets center at the correct lat/lon that should be pulled from my feature service. Some do and some end up at 0,0. 


What am am I missing? Or what other detail do I need to give for someone to help me?

its always the same assets that work and same ones that do not. I have looked at the length of the lat/lon numbers to see if there is some pattern, maybe having too many decimals, etc. the field I calculate in the mxd is set to double before publishing the service. 

Thank you for any help anyone can provide.