K12 Student Maps for the Library of Congress?

Discussion created by cfitzpatrick-esristaff Employee on May 14, 2017

K12 student maps submitted to Esri's UC collection process could end up with the Library of Congress!!! See

and especially the Map Gallery link,

and note especially the section that says:


Be Considered for Next Year’s Map Book

To have your map considered for publication in the next edition of the Esri Map Book, select the appropriate box in step two of the Map Gallery submission form, and leave your map on display after the conference. If you prefer to retain your map and not be considered for the book, you MUST remove it between 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 13.

New this Year: Esri and the Library of Congress (LOC) have partnered to create a permanent collection of maps created by students between Kindergarten and High School

This exciting opportunity will allow students’ printed maps to be considered for the Library of Congress collections. To be considered you must submit your map in one of the two categories for students between Kindergarten and High School and express your interest when you complete your submission. We will follow up with interested participants to provide more information and collect permissions forms.


Who out there has students who want their maps in the LOC?