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Attribute table problems in Pro 1.4

Question asked by bflessner on May 12, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2017 by Dizcinger
  1. The attribute table constantly wants to scroll all the way left or change positions. If I select a record, the table scrolls back to the left. If I calculate a field, back to the left. If I manually enter a value, it doesn't scroll left but changes position. This is extremely annoying when working with a table with many columns.
  2. No way to subset or highlight a selection.
  3. If I want to reorder the fields, I can only move the field a few columns, then I have to scroll the table, then move the field and repeat as many times as needed. 
  4. When the map pane is focused, I have to click twice to see only the selected records in the table
  5. When selecting by attributes, the table often shows wacky results like 184 of 100 selected. Or 24 of 24 selected when the feature class contains several thousand records.

This list is WAY TOO long for a product that has been out for years now. Get it together ESRI. I don't need 3D or integrated mesh blah blah blah; I need basic, core functionality to work.