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Survey123 - dates online vs exported file differ

Question asked by nadineraska on May 11, 2017
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I am having issues with the dates showing up incorrectly in Survey123 online, however when I export the CSV file, they are correct.



For example, I have an entry showing up as being collected on May 10, 2017, in my date collected field, when I view the data online. This is populated using today(). However when I export, it shows up as May 11, 2017. I know May 11th is the correct date for various reasons.


On a form with about 500 entries, there are around 5-10 of these incorrect dates scattered throughout (online view only). 


Any ideas why this is happening? At the end of the day, the csv file is exported with the correct dates, but a bit annoying for when I am applying filters, or if I want someone else to view this data online.


Screenshot examples attached.

The second date field you see in the exported csv form is a hidden formatted field as I want the dates to be in ddmmyyyy. I can also see that in the entries that are showing up with the incorrect dates online, their times are 06:00, and the correct ones are at 07:00, in the exported file..