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GPX To Features Error (SimpleXMLTreeBuilder)

Question asked by Sirius93 on May 11, 2017
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Hello Everyone,

Since i was not able to fix this issue bymyself and i as well could not find appropiate help on the internet, i hope you can help me out. I want to use the "GPX To Features" Tool, which does not work for me, because of the following Error:


Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "e:\arcgis\desktop10.5\ArcToolbox\Scripts\", line 259, in <module>
    gpxToPoints(gpx, outFC)
  File "e:\arcgis\desktop10.5\ArcToolbox\Scripts\", line 36, in gpxToPoints
    tree = ElementTree.parse(gpxfile)
  File "E:\Anaconda2\Lib\xml\etree\", line 1182, in parse
    tree.parse(source, parser)
  File "E:\Anaconda2\Lib\xml\etree\", line 651, in parse
    parser = XMLParser(target=TreeBuilder())
  File "E:\Anaconda2\Lib\xml\etree\", line 1476, in __init__
    "No module named expat; use SimpleXMLTreeBuilder instead"
ImportError: No module named expat; use SimpleXMLTreeBuilder instead


Failed to execute (GPXtoFeatures).
Failed at Thu May 11 21:42:18 2017 (Elapsed Time: 1,45 seconds)


Apparently the module expat is not available, but it is installed in the Anaconda2 library i have installed, as well as in Anaconda 3 and the ArcGis Desktop.

I don't even know where to look up for it, since it seems, that his module is available.

Anyone have an idea to solve this problem? Thanks in advance!