MapImageLayer sublayers not showing in LayerList?

Discussion created by charlie.elverson on May 11, 2017

I'm using a LayerList to manage layers in the associated map, but none of the sublayers show up in the LayerList widget. The LayerList does not have it's view property set, as I found this allowed me to manually manage the operationalItems.


My intention is to maintain a list of the available layers but only create and add the layers to the map when they're needed. So, the layers are created as follows (typescript): 

            let newItem = new ListItem();
            newItem.layer = new MapImageLayer({
                url: item.url,
                title: item.title,
                listMode: 'show',
                visible: false
            newItem.title = item.title;
  "visible", this.toggleLayer);

itemArray is then used to create the LayerList operationalItems, and the toggleLayer method essentially adds the layer to the map, if it wasn't already.