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Where is   "id": "widgets_Splash_Widget_31" on config.json

Question asked by jsn on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 11, 2017 by jsn

Hello everyone,


I am having a problem with the Splash Widget it does not display. ,And I am thinking that may be the name I imported in the widget  "widgets_Splash_Widget_31" is not the same the application is expecting. I just replaced the Spalsh Widget with another one I created with WAB developers with some new text.


Where can I find the Splash id in the WAB Developer that matches "id": "widgets_Splash_Widget_31" in config.json?


How does the "id" gets the name "widgets_Splash_Widget_31"?


Can I use ArcGIS Online Assistant 





"version": "2.2",
"id": "widgets_Splash_Widget_31",
"name": "Splash",
"config": "configs/Splash/config_Splash.json"